Mike Soldner

Dad/Husband/Software Maker


Lover of sports, beer, software, nerdy things and video games. Still can't resist punk music and a band with a pit. Sings "Sink, Florida, Sink" to my son before bed. Now living in the Netherlands with my lovely wife Aline and our little partner in crime/son Logan. For all my American folks, come visit! We've upgraded from a futon to a full sized bed.

My Work

I've been lucky enough to move from a small start up to a world class software company and back to an even smaller start up. At bGrid, I'm currently navigating Azure and expanding our backend and cloud infrastructure to handle millions of pieces of precious building data.

My School

Proud graduate of... takes a deep breath... California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration of Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence (not that machine learning stuff, think video games).

My Contact

Please feel free to contact me at: soldner.mike@gmail.com or visit my: LinkedIn Github